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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Aug 13, 2006 8:32am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are Deadheads mad at Israel?

mamakin - have you ever seen "Rules of Engagement" ? When the shameful Clinton/Reno kabal purposely murdered/burned to death men, women and children? (also returned Alian to communist Cuba at gunpoint)
Koresh? -Ah! just a bunch of child abusing crazy christians. (yeah, talk about child abuse!)
Or the murderous bombing campaign by "Nato" in Kosevo, killing thousands of innocent civilians!
(Bush bomb's-bad, Clinton bombs-good -LOL)
In Ruwanda, millions butchered while we sat by waiting for the F'n UN to do nothing (as usual) And the UN's Human Rights Commission with stellar countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia in it. With all that, Islamofacists have good reason to dance in the streets and be imboldened by the West's weakness and cluelessness.
Now watch Hezbollah re-arm (nice ceasefire-heh) I hope it's a trick by Israel to really hit the Hezbollahscum, while they think Israel is cowtowing to "world opinion"
There should be NO safe haven for terrorist's, hit 'em wherever they are at. I'd be glad to help them meet "Alah"
I'd be very wary of young mid-easterners from SaudiArabia,and that area-
While Bush holds their hands, with an oil enema stuck up his ass. F Tulsa! I'm from the good old SF Bay Area where women are men and men are women and sheep are nervous!
For those who disagree...It's Amerika! you have a right to be wrong!(still-anyway) lol

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